iPhone 5s/SE Test Cable for LCD and Digitizer

iPhone 5s/SE Test Cable for LCD and Digitizer



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Simplify testing that Display Assembly!

  • This handy test cable makes it easy to check the functions of an iPhone 5s LCD Screen and Digitizer or an iPhone SE LCD and Digitizer without having to complete the installation and close up the iPhone's case.
  • Indispensable to anyone who makes multiple iPhone 5s or iPhone SE repairs.
  • With this cable installed you can connect, test, and quickly swap multiple replacement LCDs and digitizers without wearing out the delicate press fit connectors on the logic board.

This cable only tests the functions of the LCD and digitizer. It does not test the home button, front camera, or earpiece speaker.

This cable is not compatible with iPhone 5 or 5c.


iPhone 5s
16 GB
32 GB
64 GB
iPhone SE
A1662 US AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon
A1723 US Sprint and Global
A1724 Mainland China

Repair Stories

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My Problem

Daughter dropped iphone 5s and broke screen. As always, (this has happened many times before with my kids), I went to ebay and searched for the correct screen. I always look for a shipper in the US to hopefully get better quality parts.

My Fix

After receiving the part from ebay, replaced screen and it did . . .