iPhone 4 Revelation Kit (CDMA/Verizon)

iPhone 4 Revelation Kit (CDMA/Verizon)



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Show off what's going on inside your iPhone.

  • Become the coolest kid on the block by showing off the awesome insides of your iPhone!
  • New and improved design increases durability and shock resistance.
  • The super-simple installation will make you want to replace your rear panel even if you're phone isn't broken.
  • Replacement panel includes camera lens, flash diffuser, and bezel.

With the purchase of a Revelation Kit you get:

  • iPhone 4 Transparent Panel (CDMA/Verizon) - stronger and better than ever!
  • iPhone 4/4S Liberation Kit - Includes Phillips screws to replace your pentalobe screws, Phillips screwdriver and pentalobe screwdriver. Why liberate your phone? Check this out.
  • iFixit iPhone 4/4S Epic Screen Protector - iFixit's Epic Screen Protector features one-of-a-kind bubble absorption technology allowing for easy application, three-tiered layer composition (anti-scratch, UV filter, and electrostatic adhesion), and lifetime warranty protection so your phone will always be protected. Includes one front protector and one rear protector.

This part only fits the iPhone 4 (CDMA/Verizon). We have the equivalent product available for the iPhone 4 GSM or AT&T and iPhone 4S.

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Repair Stories

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My Problem

The glass over the camera lens had some deep scratches. That meant no photos because the camera couldn't focus on anything but the scratches! I saw a relatively cheap way to fix it.

My Fix

Repair took less than a minute. Power down, screws out, old back off, new back on, fixed and looking great with the re . . .

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