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  • Vise / Pro (USA) / Suction Jr
  • Vise / Pro (USA) / Suction
Vise / Economy / Suction


Suction base securely attaches to any smooth non-porous surface.

Unique ball-joint head allows quick positioning to any angle.

Jaw Opening: 2.75"

Jaw Width: 2.75"

Body Casting: Aluminum

Jaws: Steel with optional rubber



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Buddhism defines 108 individual Vices, grouped in 10 categories from Parsimony to Torpor. What? Oh you said Vise! We don't offer 108 vises, however we're confident that the one you select will hold your work steady and help prevent frustration, which I'm certain is included somewhere among all those Vices.

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My Problem

As all Kids, mine also love elektronics. But loving also means taking care. And taking care also means repairing them: themselves.

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It is not the first time we repaired an iPhone, but we realized last time, that good tools, are half the way.

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We use YouTube Videos for instruction. that is sufficient. . . .