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The Starter Bundle

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Welcome the Starter Bundle including our comprehensive Moray Precision Bit Set with a perfect selection of bits needed for various electronic repairs and the Prying and Opening Tool Assortment for safe prying and opening. On top, you get our new multifunctional iFixit Tension Belt and a magnetic Bottle Opener.

Moray Precision Bit Set

The Moray Precision Bit Set is small enough to be easily portable. Even on the go you’ll be ready for any repair emergency you come across. At the same time it contains quite a comprehensive selection of bits allowing you to deal with almost any repair with maximum precision.

With its 32 precision bits our Moray Precision Bit Set is the ideal symbiosis between size and portability. It includes everything from standard Phillips and flathead bits in various sizes to Torx and Torx Security bits as well as specialty bits such as the iPhone bit or the Gamebit for game consoles and will meet the expectations of even the most demanding tinkerer.

Of course we haven’t just popped any bits in this case: We’ve compiled a perfect selection of bits needed for various electronic repairs based. Due to our long-time experience we know exactly which bits you’ll be most likely to encounter during a repair.

Moray Precision Bit Set content

  • 32 precision bits: With this selection you can confidently tackle even unusual screw profiles whether in a Jura coffee maker or an Apple Watch. Each bit has an extended-reach long neck and is made sturdy S2 steel for long-lasting durability.
  • Ergonomic bit driver: Even the best bit is useless without a fitting bit driver. This one has a knurled grip and a swivel top for optimal use as well as a magnetic socket to securely hold the bits in place. And we’ve added a built-in SIM Eject Tool into the driver handle.
  • Compact bit case: The bit driver and the bits come neatly organised in a sturdy magnetic case measuring 2,2 x 7,8 x 12,4 cm—barely bigger than a smartphone and that makes it an ideal addition to your toolbox, glove compartment or bicycle bag. The lid doubles as a built-in sorting tray to keep screws safely sorted.

Prying and Opening Tool Assortment

Standard tools won't get you very far with many repairs. The cases and components of many devices are not just screwed in, but need to be pried up. You could try a screwdriver, but you risk damaging your device. It’s much better to use the appropriate tool right away. We’ve compiled the perfect toolkit for safe prying and opening. Made from flexible but sturdy plastic, these are all the tools you need to get into even the smallest gap. Armed with these necessities you're ready to disassemble and remove parts safely.

You’ll be equipped with just the right tool, whether you’re opening your VW car key, servicing your Pfaff sewing machine, or disconnecting fragile press-fit-connectors in electronic devices. As a bonus, you’ll also be your kids’ ultimate Ninja superhero when you successfully separate stubborn LEGO pieces in no time.

Complete your toolkit with handy prying tools

  • Spudger: The tool you need to pry open even stubborn cases. The pointed end allows you to reach even deeply-recessed components.
  • Halberd Spudger: The Halberd Spudger has a broad edge made from very thin plastic for sliding through adhesive. The hooked end allows you to grasp and push fragile cables.
  • iFixit Opening Tool: Our all-rounder for opening, prying and lifting, with a non-slip grip.
  • Plastic Cards: Stop ransacking your wallet in search of an expired card. Our plastic cards have a wide, thin edge for pushing through wide areas of adhesive.
  • Opening Picks: Useful for any glued or clipped device, and helps to keep detached areas from readhering.

Kit Contents

Kit Contents