The Classic Bundle

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The Classic Bundle

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Welcome the Classic Bundle including our most useful, versatile Pro Tech Toolkit for precision repair projects, and the Magnetic Project Mat to keep your screws and small components safely organised. On top, you get our new multifunctional iFixit Tension Belt and a magnetic Bottle Opener.

The Pro Tech Toolkit

With our high-quality Pro Tech Toolkit you can tackle any smartphone, game console, or wearable repair you come across. Nothing is quite as frustrating as an expensive high-tech device that fails after just a few months of use. No need to despair, though, we have you covered. Take a stand against disposable products and start repairing.

Everything you need for your electronics repair in a compact tool roll

Thanks to our thousands of step-by-step repair guides you can repair your electronic devices yourself. In order to make your repair as smooth as possible we have assembled the ideal toolkit in a handy tool roll. Spudgers and other tools make opening devices easier plus tweezers and a suction cup give you a good grip. Add to that a bit set made from S2 steel that contains 64 bits for all common screws as well as more exotic fasteners. Needless to say, our tools have been rigorously tested to ensure impeccable quality.

Note: The kit also contains a grounding strap that can be used to make your tools ESD-safe.

This kit for tinkerers and professionals contains:

  • Opening tools: It’s not easy to get inside modern tech, that’s why the Pro Tech is stuffed with a variety of prying tools. Picks, spudgers, and the iFixit Jimmy help you tackle any opening procedure and get into those cases.
  • Gripping tools: The tiny, fragile components in electronics require precision handling.
    • Our carefully designed suction cup is performance tested for the perfect grip. It allows you to lift up tablet and smartphone displays in order to insert an opening tool and open the device.
    • We include three sets of tweezers, each with a different tip—pointed, angled, and blunt—for gripping and holding even hard to reach components.
  • Drivers: Security screws and proprietary fasteners—increasingly used by manufacturers—make electronic repairs unnecessarily complicated. Enter our 64 bit set: This bit kit contains all the drive types you’ll need.
  • Organizing tools: Keep every screw neatly sorted with the tool roll’s magnetic pad and the sorting tray built into the lid of the bit kit case.

With all these tools you’re set up for a successful repair and can keep your devices around for a long time. And that should be true of your tools as well! We offer lifetime replacements on all non-consumable tools—that means screwdriver bits, but not plastic prying tools for example.

The Magnetic Project Mat

Especially when working on a smartphone or a laptop, one false movement during your repair can send all the numerous tiny screws and components of your device flying. If you’re lucky you can pick them up off the surface of your workbench, however you’ll be in a bad fix if they fall on the floor.

Everything securely held in place

To avoid freaking out over lost screws we recommend our Magnetic Project Mat. It measures 20 x 25 cm and allows you to keep your screws and small components safely organised exactly where you put them. You can jot down notes directly on the dry-erase surface to remember details about a particular component or guide step.

It’ll make your next repair project that much easier. All components stay magnetically put and organised and reassembly is up to 40% faster while preventing errors.

Kit Contents

Kit Contents