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How they gathered so much data in analog form into such a small package has us baffled, but we're sure the answer is in here somewhere.

Ohms's Law? Yes! The nominal strength and working load for 6 strand x 37 wire? Yes, it's right after the formula for load capacity loss due to line angle. The 1-800 number for Sabena Belgian World Airlines? Yes! Heimlich Maneuver on an infant? Yes! Mineral tables sorted Alphabetically, by hardness, by density, or by color? of course!

Also info on all types of glues, solvents, paints. World Television and electrical standards with diagrams of plugs. Screwdrives, types, threads. ASCII Codes, and the insulation R-value of Sheep's Wool. Lbs per cubic foot of Rosewood... is that Bolivian or East Indian Rosewood?

The one item we've looked for and haven't found yet is a map of the cat, but there's 864 pages crammed full of text and great diagrams, so we may have missed it, along with instructions on identifying poorly masked geek culture references.

Some updates to the 4th edition include:

Explosive limits of gases and vapors

Stopping distances for auto and railroad cars speed vs. skid marks both dry and wet conditions estimated speed based on skid marks velocity conversions

Computer ALT codes

Blood type distibution in the USA

CPR for animals

American Sign Lanuage - alphabet and numbers

Geographic Centers of the USA and states

Postal abbreviations for Canada and Mexico

Body Mass Index - CDC, Atlanta GA

Fuels and combustion temperatures

Flame or material color combustion temperatures

Animal names for groups, gender or age

Earthquake information

Volcanic explosive index

Commonly available pumps

Weights of cold rolled steel sheet

Air discharge through 100 feet of hose

Pressure loss due to friction in 100 feet of air hose

Pressure loss due to friction in 100 feet of water hose

Theoretical discharge from nozzles of water at 60° F

Dew point tables

While we find the "Don't Panic" on the cover of our other favorite reference book to be reassuring, this book expands greatly on it's "Mostly Harmless" entry.

Printed in the USA.

Special offer - to get a hardcover copy for the softcover price - the coupon code is my favorite physicist's last name (all lowercase) followed by the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

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dezineworks's Story Photo #714075

My Problem

starting to fix some old favorite MacBooks around the house

My Fix

first iFixit project: replaced a fan in a 2006 MacBook 1,1 and a dead battery in the same 2006 MacBook. now i feel like i'm ready to learn how to replace the display. and upgrade the 350GB HD to 5400rpm or 7200rpm or 10000rpm 2TB HD or SSH . . .

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These are wonderful and useful tool items with no certain purpose in mind.

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Well the repair that I bought these items for hasn't happened yet. He won't open them until Dec. 25th. Oh boy, then he'll tear stuff up like there's no tomorrow.

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These many tools that I purchased were for my son for Christmas. . . .

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My son is in the "IT" field and is always wanting more tools and your store has plenty of them.

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There was no certain reason I bought these products except for that Christmas is coming and my son loves your store. He gave me long list of things that he would like to have and I was able to buy many ite . . .

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