Multi Tool Roll

Not for sale

Product code: IF145-111

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Multi Tool Roll

Not for sale

Product code: IF145-111

Product Overview

Ever wanted something to store all those screw drivers and bits lying around? Now you can do it in style! With the iFixit Multi Tool Roll you can fit up to 9 of your favorite cylindrical or elongated thing a-ma-bobs. With its durable canvas exterior, the Multi Tool Roll will hold 9 precision screwdrivers, 9 drafting pencils, and an array of multi tool sets that iFixit has to offer.

(drivers, pencils, and a-ma-bobs not included).



My Problem

Replaced digitizer on my kid's Toshiba Kids Tablet.

My Fix

Went well, considering I used less than decent tools from radio shack. Unacceptable.

My Advice

Buy your tools from ifixit before you need them. When I ordered a digitizer I thought I ordered one that came with the necessary tools but that wasn't the case. I ran out to radio shack to get a cell phone kit. The pry tools were soft, the driver tips were rough under magnification and there was thin plastic from the molds still attached to the handles--Junk. For a layman, I'm pretty particular about my tools, whether it be mechanics, woodworking or power tools. I like quality tools. Figuring I'll be doing more of these repairs rather than fewer, I started researching for a decent set. Ifixit tools came highly recommended from a number of sources, so I put in an order. They are quality for sure, and I'm prepared no matter what future problems arise. It was also nice to discover the teardown guides and videos, as well as the company's mission to encorage repair instead of disposal.

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