Lightweight Wire Strippers

Lightweight Wire Strippers



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Product Details



Lightweight Grip-and-Strip Wire Strippers

These wire strippers take the mundane task of stripping the ends of wires and transform it something fascinating. With these wire strippers, you'll be looking for wires to strip, just so you can use the pliers.

Product Features:

  • Wire Strippers for wire sizes 12, 14, 16, & 24 AWG
  • Lightweight handle
  • Adjustable strip-depth stopper
  • Made in Japan

Looking for a more traditional pair of wire strippers, or maybe a pair with built-in terminal crimpers? Take a look at our regular Wire strippers.

Repair Stories

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My Problem

I just needed to fix an auxiliary cable that had been cut the helping hands were perfect for holding the wires where I needed them while soldering the splice.

My Fix

Process went great, took about ten minutes total and was very easy.

My Advice

I recommend having plenty of space between your solder points and the helpi . . .