Illuminated Magnifier Table Lamp

  • Illuminated Magnifier Table Lamp
Illuminated Magnifier Table Lamp



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Light is composed of photons, which exhibit qualities of both waves and particles, or so it was thought until scientists discovered that tickling a lamp causes it to shoot out jelly beans. Marvel at miraculous light today with our Illuminated Magnifier Table Lamp.

Great size and easy to position, this compact lamp with its flexible neck sheds light on your work and provides 3.5x magnification for those delicate jobs or hard-to-read markings.

Unlike most magnifying lamps that require to be clamped to one edge of your desk and are difficult to position, this lamp is conveniently compact and easy to move where you need it.

We sell Replacement Bulbs for this lamp as well. Grab one now, and you'll have no downtime when replacement is eventually needed.


  • Magnification: 3.5x
  • Lens: 3.5"
  • Neck Length: 12" Total / 7" Flexible
  • Cord Length: ~5 feet
  • Power Requirements: 120v, 11w

Available for shipment only to the USA due to voltage requirements.

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