Cordless Soldering Iron Hakko FX-901

  • Cordless Soldering Iron Hakko FX-901
Cordless Soldering Iron Hakko FX-901



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The HAKKO FX-901 is a lightweight, portable, battery-operated soldering iron. Powered by four AA alkaline or nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries, the FX-901 will operate above 600°F for up to 120 continuous minutes. No other battery-operated soldering iron can deliver so much power for so many continuous minutes.

Other cordless soldering tools on the market spark, which can damage sensitive electronic components, and butane can ignite flammable vapors, causing serious injury. But the FX-901 is safe. No spark and no flame.

The FX-901 is the perfect tool for electricians, field service technicians, maintenance personnel, hobbyists, artists and home owners. Use it to solder electrical wiring, repair appliances, alarm systems, RC cars and jewelry, nearly anything that needs soldering where electricity is out of easy reach or unavailable.

FX-901 Features:

• ON / OFF switch

• Quick-change composite tip (PN: T11-B style)

• Maintains soldering temperature of 600° F

• Separate battery magazine for easy replacement of batteries

• Long-life battery power (see temperature chart):

• Alkaline batteries ~70 minutes

• Ni-MH batteries ~120 minutes

• Protective safety cap turns unit off and covers tip

Made in Japan

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