Board Pre-Heater Hakko FR-870B

  • Board Pre-Heater Hakko FR-870B
Board Pre-Heater Hakko FR-870B



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The FR-870B is a bench-top board heater designed to elevate the temperature of printed circuit board assemblies so that components on them can be soldered and de-soldered more easily, and with improved results. This is particularly useful on medium to high-mass board assemblies, which can “heat-sink” a significant amount of energy being supplied by a soldering iron tip, or handheld hot-air tool. This tool is particularly useful when soldering Pb-free assemblies.

The FR-870B is an updated replacement for the popular Hakko FR-870 IR Preheater that includes an upgrade to use the new high efficiency carbon filament lamps and the new software features found in the FR-872 4-zone IR preheater, thus allowing you to control the ramp rate at 1, 2, or 3 degrees Celsius per second when ou are in one of the two thermocouple modes.

• 2 independent switchable zones

• 248 mm x 140 mm PCB capacity

• Manual or Auto modes of operation

• Preheat control by Power or Thermocouple

• Soft EPO to protect assemblies

• Small footprint and low profile

• Faster than ceramic IR heating

• Integrates with the Hakko FR-803B and FM-206

• Easy to remove reflector for cleaning and finding lost components

Made in Japan

Available for shipment only to the USA due to voltage requirements.