All-in-One PC Driver

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All-in-One PC Driver

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Install this driver in your PC Repair Toolbox!

  • Designed using the input from hundreds of PC repair technicians, finding out what tools they use the most.
  • We've combined them into this driver, making an all-in-one solution for IT professionals, PC builders, and repair technicians.
  • The contoured handle has a reversible shaft with reversible bits in each end, allowing for you to keep all the drivers you need in one convenient tool.

Driver Includes:

  • Phillips #1 - for common PC screws
  • Flathead 1/4" - for PC and rack server hardware
  • Torx T15 - for name brand PC's
  • Nut Driver 5mm - for motherboard standoffs
  • Nut Driver 1/4" - for case screws, nuts, and rack server hardware
  • Nut Driver 5/16" - for rack server hardware

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