Action Hero Toolkit

Not for sale

Product code: IF145-267


Action Hero Toolkit

Not for sale

Product code: IF145-267

Product Overview

Few tools. Endless possibilities.

Bobby Pin - Pick locks or keep your mullet funky fresh with this heroic hair product.

Strike Anywhere Match - Seven second campfire.

Rubber Band - Bazinga!

Bubble Gum - Not just for chewing.

Birthday Candle - Suitable for a "Happy Birthday MacGyver" cupcake. Or slow burning fuse.

Paper Clip - TPS reports should be stapled. Bombs should be defused with a paper clip.

Shoelace - Makeshift handcuffs. Makeshift shoe binder.

1¢ Stamp - Cover your laptop webcam to protect yourself from the NSA. Or send a postcard in 1873.

Duct Tape - Exactly as strong as MacGyver's jawline.

Pocket-Sized Toolbox - Easily carried by any action hero with pockets. Not compatible with superhero tights.

(Mullet not included.)


Product Details

March 23 is MacGyver’s birthday. Let's celebrate!! ¶ 

His ingenious solutions earned our admiration. His bold hair style earned our affection.

Whenever a truck is fixed with a basketball hoop, MacGyver is there. Whenever binder clips keep computer cables in order, MacGyver is there. And whenever duct tape is used in space, MacGyver is there. He permeates pop culture and inspires our mission.

Today, we pay him tribute.

We put our toolkit building prowess to its ultimate test. Behold the fruit of our labor: the Action Hero Toolkit. Arm yourself with everything you need to MacGyver your way out of any problem.

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Can you defeat the bad guys with just a strip of duct tape and a bobby pin? Can you stop a fuel leak on an airborne plane with just a piece of bubble gum and a shoelace? Can you save the world with just your wit and a paperclip?*

Next time you’re in a bind, whip out the Action Hero Toolkit and ask yourself, What would MacGyver do? **

*Do not attempt.
**MacGyver responsibly.



My Problem

Gave this item as a gift to my McGyver fan husband. He loved it.

My Fix

Haven't done a repair with it.

My Advice

For fun novelty purpose only

My Problem

There wasn't really a problem, I got the action hero toolkit as a gift for a friend.

My Fix

I haven't delivered the gift yet, but I did post images of the kit on my FB page and got a lot of nice comments...and at least one comment that really didn't understand the concept.

My Advice

There is slight connection I have with MacGyver...maybe an 8 or 9 on the Kevin Bacon scale. Which is why I liked the product you offered.

I don't look like that anymore, I don't know why I looked like that then.



My Problem

Decided each of 3 sons-in-law needed this kit.

My Fix

Have not used yet. The potential to fix every type of problem exists with this tool kit.

My Advice

A great gift to fix any problem in any situation.