2-Port Soldering Station Hakko FM-203-01

2-Port Soldering Station Hakko FM-203-01



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NOTE: We also offer the FM-203 station as part of our Hakko Microsoldering Starter Bundle

The FM-203 offers two soldering ports for a variety of soldering tools that can be used in a variety of combinations, including soldering irons, SMD hot tweezers and/or desoldering tools.

Includes one (1) FM2027-03 soldering handpiece, does not include tips.

The FM-203 features:

• process control so you can select any temperature you want without changing the tip - one tip, any temperature!

• temperature range 200 - 450°C (400 - 840°F)

• temperature accuracy ±15°C

• LED in handpiece tells the operator the iron is hot

• auto shutoff

• sleep mode functionality

• No Calibration Necessary

Note: Desoldering tool requires the Hakko FM-2024 desoldering module.

Made in Japan