iPod Classic (160 GB) Logic Board


Product code: IF130-024-1
Apple Part #: 820-2437-A

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iPod Classic (160 GB) Logic Board


Product code: IF130-024-1
Apple Part #: 820-2437-A

Product Overview

This logic board is from a late model thin 160 GB capacity iPod Classic. It is compatible with the display and other components for 80 GB early model, 120 GB late model, and 160 GB late model thin bodied iPod Classics. It is not compatible with the 160 GB early model thick bodied iPod Classic.

  • The 160 GB logic board is identified by 820-2437-A printed on the logic board.
  • Find the earlier generation logic board here.


Identify your iPod

  • 80, 120, or 160 GB (Thin) iPod Classics

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Used, fully tested


This is a used OEM part.

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iPod Classic
120 GB
160 GB (Thin)
80 GB


Franklin's Story Photo #863672

My Problem

I found an iPod Classic 160 gigs once in the garbage—almost two years ago. It was all soaked in water. It didn't work at all.

My Fix

I searched for how to open the iPod, and I ended up on this website. I followed all the instructions, and took out the motherboard and then I cleaned it with alcohol. And what a surprise when I plugged it in my computer! It worked! But didn't charge the battery, so I got a new battery from iFixit. It worked as intended, but the iPod was still refusing to charge! So I got a new motherboard from iFixit!

And now I cheerfully enjoy my like-brand-new iPod!

My Advice

If you are planning to fix something by yourself, research a lot about it! But the risk is worth it when you're able to fix something that was broken! Be proud of what you can do!