iPhone 6s Plus LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly


iPhone 6s Plus LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly



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This part will only work in an iPhone 6s Plus. It will not work in an iPhone 6s, 6, or 6 Plus. Identify your iPhone correctly in one step.

The Touch ID function will only work with your phone's original home button assembly. This replacement part does not include the home button. You will need to transfer the button assembly from your old display to retain Touch ID.

Fix Kit contents:



iPhone 6s Plus
A1634 US AT&T Locked or SIM Free
A1687 US Sprint/Verizon and Global
A1699 Mainland China

Repair Stories

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My Problem

The touch screen was cracked

My Fix

Smooth! It would have been without issues if I only would have ordered the right part right away.

My Advice

When ordering, look carefully at the description as there are several variants and options you can order.

After two attempts I found that the full assembly option is the best . . .