iPhone 6s Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack


iPhone 6s Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack



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Phone not charging? Mic not working? This may fix your problem!

This assembly contains many different integrated components:

  • Lighting connector, responsible for charging and connecting your phone to your computer or accessory
  • Dual Microphones
  • Headphone Jack

If your phone is no longer recognized via USB cable, it may be time to replace the lightning connector.

Replacing the lightning connector should fix charging and connectivity issues.



iPhone 6s
A1633 US AT&T Locked or SIM Free
A1688 US Sprint/Verizon and Global
A1700 Mainland China

Repair Stories

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My Problem

The pins on the lightning connector broke while a small stone had to be removed from there

My Fix

Everything went OK. No issues with the replacement part and instructions were more than what I needed.

My Advice

Don't buy cheap parts. I did it because there was no dark gray color available from iFixit and the replaceme . . .