iPhone 6 Loudspeaker


Product code: IF268-010-1

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iPhone 6 Loudspeaker


Product code: IF268-010-1

Product Overview

No speakerphone audio? This may be the part you need!

  • Replace the large speaker for speakerphone and audio output.
  • A malfunctioning speaker may be clogged with dust or may have been damaged in a liquid spill.


  • All iPhone 6 (Not iPhone 6 Plus, 6s, or 6s Plus)

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iPhone 6
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My Problem

My iphone 6 loudspeaker wasn't nearly as loud as it used to be.

My Fix

No problem, very easy, however, it took a full 5 minutes getting the antenna connector to snap back in place.

My Advice

I skipped all the steps of removing the display, just propped up the display perpendicular against a stack of books. The display stood relatively solid with little chance of cable stress. Removing the display takes several steps, not removing it makes the repair much simpler.