Universal 1/4" Driver Handle


Product code: IF145-287-1

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Universal 1/4" Driver Handle


Product code: IF145-287-1

Product Overview

The classiest quarter-inch screwdriver you'll ever own

  • Custom CNC-machined solid aluminum driver handle provides plenty of torque for driving all kinds of 1/4" screwdriver bits.
  • Magnetized tip holds the bits in place.
  • If you're looking for some bits to turn with this driver, it's also included as part of our Universal Bit Kit. Or, if you're looking for a smaller driver, take a look at the Universal 4 mm Driver Handle.

Product Details

  • Material: Aluminum





Available: 30

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My Problem

I put the laptop in a bag that had some sand vestiges on it (without realizing), some of it got on the keyboard. At first I tried to clean it, but it didn't go so well - had to end up changing the keyboard.

My Fix

Went well, took a little longer than other reports I saw. Maybe 5h total.

My Advice

When putting the speaker back (under the optical drive), make sure it's really tight. First time I opened the laptop it wasn't 100%, and it was interfering with the drive (blocking DVDs). Had to open it again and in the end worked. I didn't see much difference in the two attempts, so I'm guessing the difference it REALLY small.

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