Nexus 7 (1st Gen) LCD Screen and Digitizer

Nexus 7 (1st Gen) LCD Screen and Digitizer

This used part is in excellent condition.



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Product Details



Replace a broken or malfunctioning digitizer or LCD

  • 7 inch (1280x800) IPS display with ten finger multi-touch support.
  • This is an OEM part.
  • Please note: If you have the 3G version, you'll need to transfer over your original bezel.


Nexus 7
1st Gen - 3G
1st Gen - Wi-Fi

Repair Stories

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My Problem

Had a cracked digitizer (glass).

My Fix

I watched the repair instructions first and took my tablet apart. Based upon those instructions, my model was exactly the same. I had it all apart before I ordered the complete digitizer/LCD/bezel replacement part so I was sure to complete the repair when the part arr . . .