Moto Z2 Play (XT1710) Parts

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Device Info

The Motorola Moto Z2 Play is the second edition of the Moto Z Play line and was released in June of 2017. It is available from major U.S. carriers. The Moto Z2 Play looks very similar to the previous Moto Z Play version, so to identify the device as the Moto Z2 Play, look for the following physical characteristics:

  • The back of the device is just metal and has no glass
  • The design on the home screen is displayed in a colorful circle when turned on
  • The flash in the upper left corner is an oval, not a circle

One of the Motorola Moto Z2 Play’s signature features is its magnetic back. This feature allows the device to be connected to any Moto Mod. Moto Mods can turn the Moto Z2 Play into a 360 degree camera, projector, video game controller, and much more. The strong magnetic connection on the back of the device ensures the Moto Mod stays on. Each Moto Mod has a one time setup on the device and will be automatically recognized after that.