Jeweler's Loupe LED Magnifier


Product code: IF145-049-2

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Jeweler's Loupe LED Magnifier


Product code: IF145-049-2

Product Overview

Magnifying glasses are essential for locating clues, contractual terms and conditions, and Rick Moranis' children. Blow up the little ones today, honey, with our Jeweler's Loupe LED Magnifier.

Switch on the two very bright LEDs to inspect micro components, solder joints, and read tiny print.

Note: This is not an optically perfect high-end loupe. There may be dust or other small imperfections in the lens that do not affect its operation and are not visible when using for magnification.

Looking for some less bulky magnification? Check out our magnification card.

Product Details

  $12.95 UV





Includes 2 white and 1 UV LED bulbs. Use the ultraviolet LED to check for hidden marks on documents or ID cards, spot trace forensic evidence, or look for fluorescence in gems and minerals.

Available: 6

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