IR Thermometer


Product code: IF145-249-1

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IR Thermometer


Product code: IF145-249-1

Product Overview

This little thermometer is packing heat

  • No-touch thermometer gives accurate readings of an object's temperature, without having to disturb it.
  • Built-in laser pointer ensures you'll always know just what you're measuring.
  • Switch between Celsius or Fahrenheit for your favorite temperature scale.
  • Includes 9V battery.
  • Temperature Range: -50C - 380C or -58F - 716F

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My Problem

I needed to separate a very delicate LCD from UV bounded digitizer&glass, the problem with this is always the degree of heat you have to apply; without burning the LCD under it. It becomes twice as difficult when the frame is aluminum drawing heat away, demanding /more/ heat to get the glue to break down.

My Fix

It went well, confident as I am with repairing electrical devices, heat & lcd's are two things I tend to always be nervous about. So the Ir Thermometer made the task incredibly simple. It allowed me to maintain a consistant 120*f, without burning the lcd, but allowing the glue to remain in a constant liquid state.

My Advice

I had previous purchased two other IR Thermometers, one came from RadioShack and the other from Hampteron. Both of which worked similar to the one iFixit stocks, but the iFixit model is by far superior to either of my previous purchased ones.

It won't surpass the quality of a $200+ thermometer, but it works at a lower energy consumption and much better spectrum spread than the competition.

The lcd, and light/led enable/disable is also a wonderful feature on the ifixit model; my previous ones didn't have.

As far as advice goes from separating lcd/s from uv bounded devices: Keep a constant amount of heat, around 100 - 125. Don't heat it too high it will damage the lcd beneath, at the right temperature the glue becomes liquid, and separating it at that point is a simple task.

Oh, also soft nylon/plastic picks/blacksticks. A must - don't use anything that will mar, or apply too much force when lifting the digitizer. (common sense, pretty much).

My Problem

My son in law's phone fell and the screen completely cracked.

So decided to help him and ordered the part from IFIXIT

My Fix

Installed following guide as always, have done it many times, but always follow the guides ,like pilots follow their checklist before taking off no matter how many flight hours they have.

After powering up, success ,the display looks brilliant but when trying to scroll the phone will not respond.

Went over again the install and verified each connection meticulously.

NADA.. So decided to check the connectors more closely.

Used my BAUSCH & LOMB 7X Measuring Inspection Magnifier No. 81-34-35 and found that the Digitizer connector had what looked like a solder blob .Seems a fluke from the factory.

Called IFIXIT in and spoke to Chris. Explained situation and after that he will send a new Display and I will send back the one with the defect.

Excellent service from Chris .I sent him also a photo of the "offender"

As soon the new one arrives will inspect and install.

The saga continues LOL.

Thank you IFIXIT for your service and respect.

My Advice

Well, I can say that will inspect using my BAUSCH & LOMB 7X Measuring Inspection Magnifier No. 81-34-35 before installing any part just in case to trap any possible part flaw..

Would be a very good preventive action.


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