Galaxy S III LCD Screen and Digitizer (T-Mobile)

Galaxy S III LCD Screen and Digitizer (T-Mobile)



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Product Details



Fix that broken screen!

  • No touch sensitivity? Cracked screen? This is the part you need.
  • The display assembly includes the LCD, digitizer and frame with various other components. The part will come with all components pictured.
  • This is a brand new OEM, original part.
  • This part will only work in a T-Mobile Galaxy S III. We do carry the display assembly for the other carrier versions below:




US Cellular


Samsung Galaxy S III
T-Mobile (T999)

Repair Stories

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My Problem

I borrowed my daughter's Samsung phone to make a call while paddle boarding. Needless to say, the phone got wet and went dark. All the phone functions still appeared to be working, it was still responding to incoming texts and calls, so I decided I would try and replace the screen. After some resear . . .