Galaxy Note II LCD Screen and Digitizer (T-Mobile/AT&T)

Galaxy Note II LCD Screen and Digitizer (T-Mobile/AT&T)



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Product Details



  • 5.5 inch Super AMOLED (720×1280) display.
  • The display assembly includes the LCD, digitizer and frame. You may need to transfer some components from your original display. Used assemblies may be missing one or more of the elastic grommets shown in the new assemblies.
  • This part will only work in a T-Mobile or AT&T Galaxy Note II. We do carry the display assembly for Sprint/Verizon as well.


Samsung Galaxy Note II
AT&T (I317)
T-Mobile (T889)

Repair Stories

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My Problem

I forgot my phone was in my lap and it fell to the ground from inside my car. A surface crack on the screen and lcd flickering was why I needed to fix it.

My Fix

The repair was very easy.

My Advice

Just keep everything organized including the little screws that are specific to each location.