Galaxy Note II LCD Screen and Digitizer (T-Mobile/AT&T)

Galaxy Note II LCD Screen and Digitizer (T-Mobile/AT&T)



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Product Details



Fix that broken screen!

  • No touch sensitivity? Cracked screen? This is the part you need.
  • The display assembly includes the LCD, digitizer and frame with various other components. The part will come with all components pictured.
  • This is a brand new OEM, original part.
  • This part will only work in a T-Mobile or AT&T Galaxy Note II. We do carry the display assembly for Sprint/Verizon as well.


Samsung Galaxy Note II
AT&T (I317)
T-Mobile (T889)

Repair Stories

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My Problem

I forgot my phone was in my lap and it fell to the ground from inside my car. A surface crack on the screen and lcd flickering was why I needed to fix it.

My Fix

The repair was very easy.

My Advice

Just keep everything organized including the little screws that are specific to each location.