Dynamo Powered LED Flashlight


Product code: IF145-184-1

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Dynamo Powered LED Flashlight


Product code: IF145-184-1

Product Overview

We love things that never require replacing batteries! Nothing like stumbling around in the dark for a flashlight, only to turn it on and have to use its dim orange glow to hunt through your junk drawer for batteries with more juice.

Fear not! This very simple flashlight requires no battery replacements. A few squeezes of the handle will charge it up for everyday or emergency situations. Great for your tool bag or glove box. If only they made a Wii-mote that worked the same way.

We left this half-flashlight, half-exercise device turned on overnight in order to drain the battery and do a non-scientific test of how long the juice lasts. After a full 24 hours, we gave up on waiting for the (dimly) lit light to go out in order to do a full test. We figure if it lasts more than 24 hours on a charge, that's A-OK by our standards.

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My card door had a clean break perhaps from neglecting to close the door after removing the SD card.

My Fix

The nearest repair shop was by mail order. The fees for inspecting, parts and repair were well over $100.00. These instructions were through and well written. I'm the kind of guy who skims the instructions thinking that I have it all figured out. I got stuck a couple of times but with my understanding wife redirecting me to the instructions... bingo. Thank you!!!

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Just be humble enough to read and "listen"

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