Apple Watch (42 mm Original) LCD Screen and Digitizer

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Apple Watch (42 mm Original) LCD Screen and Digitizer



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  • This assembly includes the front glass touch sensitive digitizer and the LCD for a 42 mm Original Apple Watch.
  • Please Note: This assembly does not include installation adhesive or the Force Touch Sensor Gasket which may be damaged during removal of the front panel.
  • The Sport Edition Apple Watch is originally equipped with an Ion-X Glass face. The Steel Edition is originally equipped with a Sapphire Crystal face. The two displays are functionally cross compatible but differ in their resistance to scratches, chips, and cracks.


Apple Watch
42 mm Original

Repair Stories

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My Problem

I broke my screen, by dropping my watch on my tile floor!

My Fix

The repair went great. My screen was damaged around the whole outside of the screen and I had previously picked out all the loose glass. So the screen removal (which I assume is the most difficult part) was a non-issue.

My Advice

I didn't remove or touch . . .