PC4-19200 16 GB RAM Chip

  • PC4-19200 16 GB RAM Chip
  • PC4-19200 16 GB RAM Chip
PC4-19200 16 GB RAM Chip



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Replace your old, damaged, or otherwise underwhelming RAM configuration in your computer with this part.


That "Warranty Void if Removed" sticker is wrong. Feel free to peel that sucker off, we'll still honor our warranty. Our RAM supplier made a mistake in printing, and we're fixing it in our next order of memory.


iMac 27" 2017
EMC 3070 3.4 GHz
EMC 3070 3.5 GHz
EMC 3070 3.8 GHz
EMC 3070 4.2 GHz
iMac Intel 21.5" Retina 4K Display (2017)
EMC 3069 3.0 GHz
EMC 3069 3.4 GHz
EMC 3069 3.6 GHz

Repair Stories

My Problem

Wanted a cheaper upgrade option for the paltry 8GB included in the 2017 base model.

My Fix

Trivial, it took about 15 seconds!

My Advice

iFixit had easily the best price on RAM upgrades, as well as the most helpful information. Having purchased repair kits from this site before I was confident that the RAM would be the . . .