MacBook (Early/Mid 2009) 802.11n Airport Extreme Card

  • MacBook (Early/Mid 2009) 802.11n Airport Extreme Card
MacBook (Early/Mid 2009) 802.11n Airport Extreme Card

Condition: Used



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Hi, grandma! I just wanted to call to tell you "Merry Christmas."

Why thank you, darling. How old are you turning again?

No, grandma, it's Christmas, not my birthday.

Merry Christmas to you, honey! Did Santa bring you anything good this year?

Yeah! He brought me an 802.11n Airport Extreme Card for my MacBook. It gives my laptop Wireless 802.11n capability and is backwards compatible with 802.11g, even though an 802.11n base station is required for improved speed. It has 2 antenna connections and can only be installed in my Early/Mid 2009 MacBook, not in my sister's Core 2 Duo Late 2006 model, or my mom's Mid 2007 model, or even my dad's Mid/Late 2007 15" MacBook Pro. Isn't that cool, grandma?

Santa's taking you to the airport in an extreme car?

No grandma, an 802.11n Airport Extreme Card. For my MacBook.

Your fact book? What's a fact book?

...I have to go, grandma.

Oh, I love you too, sweetie.


MacBook Core 2 Duo
2 GHz (Early 2009)
2 GHz (Santa Rosa)
2.1 GHz (Penryn)
2.13 GHz (Mid 2009)
2.2 GHz (Santa Rosa)
2.4 GHz (Penryn)