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MacBook 13" Core 2 Duo Late 2006 Accessories

Grab a toolkit for your MacBook 13" Core 2 Duo Late 2006 model and fix your broken laptop!

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Device Info

Good became even better with the addition of Intel's Core 2 Duo processor!

The MacBook 13" Core 2 Duo (Late 2006) can be upgraded to a total of 3 GB of memory using a 2 GB RAM chip and a 1 GB RAM chip. The 500 GB 7200 RPM SATA hard drive will give you plenty of storage. The 8x SuperDrive is the fastest optical drive for this model and will make creating DVDs a whiz. You can also upgrade the upper case to the Penryn/Santa Rosa version with the new keyboard layout (including iTunes controls)!

There is one main variation within this model. Your machine may be a Energy Star-equipped or non-Energy star version. This affects the battery connector and logic board. See photos and part descriptions on the non-Energy Star or Energy Star battery connector/sleep sensors for information on determining which version you have.

Check out our MacBook troubleshooting page for help in diagnosing your machine!

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