Mac mini Unibody SSD Upgrade Bundle

  • Mac mini Unibody SSD Upgrade Bundle
Mac mini Unibody SSD Upgrade Bundle



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Upgrade your Mac mini Unibody with a new SSD to dramatically speed up your machine: faster boot times, application loading and switching, and file read/write speeds. Plus, your Mac mini will run cooler and quieter. Grab the iFixit upgrade bundle and level up your Mac mini today.

Upgrade Kit includes:


Mac Mini Late 2012
2.3 GHz (Quad i7)
2.5 GHz (Dual i5)
2.6 GHz (Quad i7)
Mac Mini Late 2014
1.4 GHz (Dual i5)
2.6 GHz (Dual i5)
2.8 GHz (Dual i5)
3.0 GHz (Dual i7)
Mac Mini Mid 2010
2.4 GHz (Core 2 Duo, Mid 2010)
2.66 GHz (Core 2 Duo, Mid 2010)
Mac Mini Mid 2011
2 GHz (Quad i7)
2.3 GHz (Dual i5)
2.5 GHz (Dual i5)
2.7 GHz (Dual i7)

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Repair Stories

My Problem

old dead original hard drive. Time for an upgrad

My Fix


My Advice

The hard drive is secured against the case with two rubber grommits and its a bit of a pain in the ass to get the new drive back into the case. TIP. Stand the case up on the edge the grommits are on and let gravity push it in... worked well fo . . .

My Problem

I bought a Mac Mini with a regular HD a few years ago, planning to use it as a backup/media storage center. After growing disillusioned with my MBP from a year before, I decided to make the switch from MBP to iPad, and elevate the Mini to my main desktop computer.

But that HD had to go. I have a 4x . . .