PlayStation 4 Hard Drive and Bracket

PlayStation 4 Hard Drive and Bracket



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  • This is a used OEM hard drive.
  • The hard drive is PS4 formatted. A software update may need to be reinstalled after replacing the hard drive in your PS4. The software update can be downloaded for free online from Sony.
  • This part includes the hard drive caddy bracket that slides into the PS4 chassis.
  • Find the bracket by itself here.


PlayStation 4

Repair Stories

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My Problem

Had a bad hard drive. My son pulled his PS4 onto the floor while playing a game with his controller charging.

My Fix

Easy. Just download OS, swap the drives, boot up PS4 and select the last option on screen and we were up and running in 30 min.

My Advice

Just read the instructions on Sony website and you will have no . . .