Turn your Samsung Galaxy S9 Inside Out With These Wallpapers

As you may already know, our iPhone X wallpapers are exceedingly popular. The edge-to-edge display makes the internals seem right beneath your fingertips—of course they are, but now you can see them. We’ve since been hounded by requests for various Android phones, and after the launch of the S9, we’ve finally relented. But let’s get one thing straight. Your Samsung internals wallpapers are wrong, and our only solace is that at least the X-rays make logical backgrounds.

It’s not your fault, really, Samsung just builds its phones “backward” for lack of a better term. Everything is mounted to the back of the display, instead of laid out under the display as in an iPhone. If you look through the S9 display, you see the back of the motherboard, back of the battery and backs of all the cameras. If we wanted to take that photo, we’d have to remove everything from the phone, stack it back together outside the frame, then photograph it. And it would be ugly and boring. I mean look at this cool dual camera, they don’t even look like cameras!

Samsung Galaxy S9 dual camera
See? Boring.

So we made the incorrect, but more fun, S9 and S9+ wallpapers you guys wanted.

To use these wallpapers…

Click the images below to view them in full resolution, then save the image to your phone. Open the image and use the menu in the upper right of the Gallery app to “Set as wallpaper,” then choose where you want the wallpaper to go (Home screen, Lock screen or both). Then you get to decide if you want the parallax feature activated, if so, click the “Motion effect” radio button (this will zoom in on the image and make subtle adjustments as you tilt the phone). Either way, click “Set as Wallpaper” and you’re off to the races.

Below you’ll find all the backward images, with buttons on the wrong side and everything. As a personal favor to me, though, please tell everyone who compliments your internals wallpaper: “Yeah thanks, but due to the construction of the phone this is not the actual view through the screen but I wanted to fly in the face of logic and apply this background anyway.”

S9+ Wallpaper:

Samsung Galaxy S9+ wallpaper

S9 Wallpaper:

Samsung Galaxy S9 wallpaper

On the plus side, the X-rays Creative Electron made us are the correct orientation, battery and button brackets line up where they should. The beauty of science. If I were to pick a set of wallpapers to use, I’d use those. Otherwise, have fun living in topsy-turvy town.

S9+ X-ray Wallpaper:

Samsung Galaxy S9+ xray wallpaper

S9 X-ray Wallpaper:

Samsung Galaxy S9 xray wallpaper
Click on the image for full resolution (2960×1440)

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