Late 2016 Pumpkin Teardown

Once upon a midnight dreary, while we pondered, weak and weary, over many quaint and curious volumes of service manual lore—while we pondered, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, as of some one gently rapping, rapping at our teardown door.

“’Tis some pumpkin,” we did mutter, “rapping at our teardown door—

Only this and nothing more.”

Pumpkin is this season’s most popular device. That shockingly orange outer shell is pretty iconic. But, as always, we’re more concerned with what’s on the inside of Pumpkin than what’s on the outside. So, this Hallow’s Eve—we’ve done a special teardown: we pulled all of Pumpkin’s guts out on our teardown table.

Wanna see some premium Pumpkin guts? Here’s just a few of the things we uncovered in our spookiest teardown ever:

Opening the pumpkin with the iFixit iOpener
Pumpkin’s spherical unibody design is something of a novelty—the last time we saw anything like this was Google’s Nexus Q.
cutting open the pumpkin with an iFixit jimmy
Usually, we use the Jimmy for prying and, well, jimmy-ing things open. But we’re going full Michael Myers and using the Jimmy to stab Pumpkin open.
scopping out pumpkin guts with an iFixit angled tweezer
We start by removing the other components … one by one. This is gonna take awhile.
Drilling the iFixit logo into the face of the pumpkin
Here’s what we like about Pumpkin—there’s no walled garden (unless you literally grow Pumpkin in a walled garden). When it comes to hardware—this sucker is fully moddable!
Inserting the Galaxy Note 7 into the pumpkin
Some models of Pumpkin come with a heating element preinstalled—but our base model didn’t include one. Guess we’ll just have to upgrade. Good thing we’ve still got this handy fuel source! Once it spontaneously combusts, that 13.48 Wh battery will be just the thing to light Pumpkin up like the Fourth of July.

Be sure to head over to our Pumpkin teardown on iFixit.com for even more scary revelations.