Meet The Restart Project

Recently, one of our personal repair heroes—Janet Gunter—stopped by iFixit’s California office. And we couldn’t resist the urge to talk shop. Janet is the co-founder of The Restart Project—an amazing UK-based repair organization.

Instagram post from the restart project
Instagram post from @restartproject on January 5, 2016

Like iFixit, Janet and her fellow Restarters aim to redefine the relationship people have with their stuff—especially their broken stuff. During regular Restart Parties, the organization invites community members to bring in something broken, get it diagnosed, and learn how to fix it with one of the organization’s expert fixers.

Our co-founder Kyle Wiens sat down with Janet to chat about the group’s mission:

Want to host your own repair event? The Restart Project has lots of resources to help you launch your own Restart Party—wherever you happen to be. And this year, the organization plans to work with a lot more schools and education centers. In fact, they recently partnered with a New York City high school to help educators there open a student-run repair center, called the Restart Center. You can read our profile on that student repair center here.

For more information on the Restart Center, including how you can start your own Restart Party, visit their website.