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Repair Guides for Winter: Don’t Get Stiffed by Your Broken Stuff

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Well, not for us. We live in California, where it’s a currently hovering at a balmy 60 degrees. But, for the rest of the country, winter has come! So grab your toolkits, roll up your repair sleeves, and get ready to fight the frostbite. We’ve gathered some helpful repairs to keep you warm for the rest of winter.

Nest Thermostat

Nest prides itself on having designed the most sophisticated thermostat in the world. But you won’t feel comfortable nesting in a home with a Nest on the fritz. Get it back to working order with our new Nest 2.0 repair guides.

Nest thermostat repair guide


Space Heater Repair

Broken space heater left you with cold feet? Get your frozen toesies back to toasty temperatures by fixing that old space heater. A group of college students engineered a great Royal Heat RS 100 repair guide to get you started.

space heater repair guides

Snowboard Repair

You know what else keeps you warm? Vigorous exercise—like snowboarding. But you can’t barrel down a mountainside if your trusty board isn’t up to the mighty task. Check out our snowboard repair guides to get you back on the slopes.

Repair guides for snowboard repair

Waterproof Your Jacket

Wet and blustery winter may be the season—but that shouldn’t scare you for any reason. Be fearless in the face of any element and waterproof your favorite jacket! It’s actually pretty easy. Our guide covers waterproofing Patagonia gear, but the same process can be applied to any jacket.

Patagonia winter coat repair guides

Tea Kettle Repair

When all else fails, just use the tried-and-true way of keeping Jack Frost from nipping your nose: Tea. And while lots of folks rely on electric tea kettles to get the process going, electric tea kettles break—all the time. Don’t let a bum heating element or a bad cord stop you from enjoying your daily cuppa. Troubleshoot the problem and take a look at our Chef’s Choice Kettle repair guide!

Tea kettle repair guides