It’s Repair Conference Time

Ah, it’s that time of year again. The air is getting crisper. The days are getting shorter. The coffee is getting pumpkin spicier. And the repair, reuse, and recycling conferences are out in full force. Of course, iFixit is a repair and reuse organization. So, that means we’re going to be hitting the road for repair. For the next month, our team will be at conferences talking about how we fix stuff and how you can fix things, too.

iFixit at repair conferences

If you happen to be in the area, you should drop by and see us. Here’s our conference schedule:

E-Scrap 2014: October 21-23 in Orlando, Florida

Is recycling your passion? Great, because we’ll be one of the over 125 organizations at E-Scrap 2014—the largest electronics recycling conference in North America. At the conference, we’ll be doing what we do best: tearing down electronics, showing off their guts, and talking about how to repair them.

ReuseConex: October 23-25 in Austin, Texas

ReuseConex is an International Reuse Conference & Expo. Sure, everyone knows the “3Rs” of sustainability, but these folks are dedicated to making sure that “reuse” starts getting the respect and recognition it deserves. At the conference, we’ll be hosting and speaking on several panels about the reuse movement, the art of repair, and how to go zero waste.

Recosi: October 28-30 in Dublin

The Regional and European Co-Operative for Social Industry (Recosi) is hosting Europe’s first refurbisher and reseller conference with Microsoft and ICRS. The conference is taking place in Dublin, Ireland. And the iFixit team will be out to show attendees why repair is the future, and how they can jump start their own repair businesses.

International Computer Refurbisher Summit: November 10-12 in Denver, Colorado

ICRS is a professional computer recycling and reuse summit. Learn about new developments in refurbishing, discuss the best recycling practices, and meet some of the top refurbishers in the world. The iFixit team will be there to discuss the Right to Repair movement, how to start your own repair business, and the challenges of recycling tablets.