Mother’s Day Gift Guide—Spring for Repair

A person fixes a baby monitor with an iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit laying on the ground next to an infant in a baby bouncer.

Spring may be springing some unpredictable weather on you, but one thing will always be true: May means Mother’s Day. For those of you keeping track, that’s soon! Whether you are a mom, or have a mom, or you’re just excited for longer days—you’ve got a lot to look forward to while we spring forward.

Spring means renewal, cleaning up, and getting out in the fresh air. So let us give you a very iFixit-y suggestion: the best gift this spring is the gift of repair. Call your mom and look at your to-fix pile. There’s no need for new when you can spiff up the stuff that’s been gathering dust: resole the running shoes, charge up the smartwatch, and give her bike a tune-up. Need more ideas? We’ve got a Mother’s Day gift guide for you this Spring!

Keep moving on those New Year’s Resolutions and get your steps in

Got an Apple Watch that won’t last through your workout? Got a new Fitbit for Christmas and you’re looking to hand down last year’s model? Get together, get fit, and get fixing. We’ve got oodles of smartwatch batteries and other parts to wake up those sleepy wearables. Call Mom, grab your tools, and pull up a guide. A self-repaired smartwatch is sure to put a spring in your step.

Clear the junk drawer and the To Fix list

If your junk drawer is cluttered with three Phillips #1 drivers and a half-empty eyeglass repair kit, swap them for a complete tool kit that’ll provide for the whole kitchen. No matter your age, techniness, or drawer size, we’ve got a kit for you.

Moray Driver Kit

If you want screw-focused and pint-sized, the Moray kit is the best bet. Friendly, useful, and contained in a slim case, this kit can tighten up pot handles, investigate squeaky cabinets, and help you descale your tea kettle. Moms will appreciate the easy organization of foam cutouts, laser-cut labels, and a well-curated selection of bits. Take it on the go, or keep it in a glove box or tool drawer, you’ll be glad you’ve got it.

Essential Electronics Toolkit

An Essential Electronics Toolkit sits on a table next to its sleeve, some ribbon, wrapping twine, and the lid.

If Mom wants to get into a bit more mischief, the Essential Electronics Toolkit comes with non-scratch nylon tools, robust prying options, and a tech-focused selection of bits. It won’t be long before Mom is swapping her friends’ phone screens—the repair bug is more contagious than you might expect. Paired with thousands of free repair guides, iFixit is the gift that keeps giving. Get those stubborn crumbs out of the toaster and tackle the rest of the ‘Stuff that Bugs Me’ list—you have the power!

Pro Tech Toolkit

If the mom in your life is no amateur, it’s time to skip the bouquet delivery and opt for a Pro Tech Toolkit. It’s the quintessential tech toolkit for any DIY repairer, with all the bits and tools you need to get into electronics. If you want to skip straight to the most comprehensive kit for most people, the Pro Tech is always here for you. Wide selection of tools, handy carrying roll, there’s a reason this kit is our most popular.

Make this Mother’s Day an Earth Day and your good deed for the day. Less e-waste means your mom, and Mother Earth, will thank you. Or hey, just fix up your own tech. Moms will love that for you, too. Send your Mom’s Day repairs to us @iFixit on Instagram and Twitter, and we’ll brag about you to our moms. It’s a win-win!