M1 iMac Teardown Wallpapers—A Superman’s-Eye View

Okay, so you went out and bought an M1 iMac—not our pick—but it could be worse! Those snappy colors are hard to resist, we get it, but how do you dress up that admittedly goofy front face? With a chin only Jony Ive could love, we’ve got just the thing—24” M1 iMac wallpapers! We’ve got teardown internals, we’ve got X-rays, and we’ve even got a low-contrast option so you don’t lose all those files on your desktop.

Now, my nitpicky heart drives me to disclose that the X-ray is the base model, and the teardown wallpaper is the midrange model. So if you see your second fan suddenly “disappear,” or you find yourself looking for the mystical second set of ports you see—that would be why. Don’t let that discrepancy stop you though, these machines were built for these beautiful wallpapers, so have at ‘em!

Click the images to get the full resolution, then right click to download, and set as desktop background—that last step may be hiding in a “services” menu. Once you’ve got them all set up, take a scroll through our teardown, or watch the video, to ID all the flashy tech. 

We don’t have the color you do? Creative Electron has your back with the X-ray edition—but let us know which one you’ve got and we’ll try to get around to the full suite someday! Oh and if you haven’t upgraded just yet (good for you!) we’ve still got Intel iMac wallpapers that are just as fun.

M1 iMac Internals Wallpaper

iMac internals wallpaper

M1 iMac Internals, Darkened

Darkened iMac internals wallpaper

M1 iMac, X-Ray

X-ray iMac internals wallpaper

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