HTC VIVE wants to empower their customers to fix their stuff

Hello from the future, where we’ve got VR tech right in our homes. Spoiler alert, though—stuff still breaks in the future, and we still need to repair it. The good news is that HTC Vive wants you to repair your own VR devices, and they are partnering with iFixit to make it happen.

Fixing an HTC Vive device with an iFixit opening tool

HTC Vive customers in North America can purchase OEM replacement parts for VIVE CE and VIVE PRO headsets, VIVE Wireless Adapter, VIVE Tracker, and other peripherals on ifixit.com. iFixit also offers repair guides for the headsets and original VIVE controllers

Virtual Reality is taking off in the COVID-19 pandemic, even as manufacturers have closed repair options for their customers. The ability to repair our devices and access replacement parts and repair information is more important than ever. HTC Vive is making strides to empower their customers to extend the life of their products.

“This is groundbreaking. HTC is the first VR manufacturer to support their customers with the parts they need to keep their headsets functional,” said iFixit CEO, Kyle Weins. “iFixit is thrilled to help gamers fix their meatspace hardware so they can get back to their important cyberspace business.”

Find the list of available parts here.