Thank You to Our Superstar Moderators

Screeshot of one answer from our Answers forum, by moderator superstar jayeff

We’ve taken the time, and the words, to profile inspiring repair heroes. Most often it’s people behind something like The Restart Project, Repair Cafés, or Right to Repair movements. Sometimes it’s our dads, our grandfathers, or our mothers

Today, though, we want to name and thank some very special repair geniuses, the kind who make thousands of fixes possible, who inspire ideas and confidence in so many people: our Answers moderators and translators.

The community in our Answers Forum grows every day. People arrive from web searches, from our repair guides, or just wander in with a question they think our forum can tackle. We’re  lucky to have people like our moderators exchanging information and teaching people how to repair more stuff. 

Of course, not every question asked on the Answers Forum is a great topic, and not every potential answer is useful. Sometimes the questions aren’t related to repair, don’t provide enough information, or were answered on the site before. And then there’s the common, if sad, attacks by spammers.

A video profile of just a few of our long-time Answers forum MVPs.

That’s why we elect certain members of the community as moderators. Our moderators are basically repair superheros. They help answer questions, clean up the forums, delete bad questions, and vanquish nefarious spammers. They also help translate useful guides and questions.

Their true superpower, though, is understanding what it is people are really asking about, and knowing who might be able to help, or where to look. Without repair superheros like them, the iFixit community would be a very different place.

Even superheroes get burned out, need breaks, and could use some refueling sometimes. You, reading this—you can help. The best ways you can make sure they keep on being superheroes, and enjoying their task, are a few simple actions:

  • Push the “accept answers” button when you get an answer that was helpful for you
  • Upvote their answers
  • Take a second to write an acknowledgement—like “Thank you, it worked!”
  • Post interesting problems!

Once again, a big thank you to all our moderators for their invaluable, often invisible help keeping a truly helpful resource growing: