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Make Your Laptop New Again with Our PC Batteries

Battery replacement in a PC laptop

You might know iFixit for our tools and guides related to Apple products, but we want people to get more use out of all their devices, regardless of brand. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve made a major expansion to our inventory of PC laptop batteries. Give new life to a laptop from Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Asus, Samsung, or at least a half-dozen other brands we carry.

Laptops are in a weird place right now. With most people using their laptops mainly for the web, and new processors not being a compelling reason to upgrade, the battery is usually the first thing to age. Like all lithium-ion batteries, they run their course in about two years. Not sure how your laptop’s battery is doing? You can check its health with a single command. But you’ll know when it starts to feel unreliable away from its charging cord.

Battery replacement in a PC laptop

Replacing a laptop battery is perhaps the easiest tech fix you can make, besides wiping off the screen or shaking out the keyboard crumbs. We have guides and fix kits for some laptops, like the XPS 13 or IdeaPad 110, but most laptops don’t require special tools or adhesive to replace their battery. The process can be done with common tools, usually within 15 minutes.

The job starts with removing a bottom panel, or a small access panel, using a screwdriver and maybe a plastic prying tool (which, if you can’t find yours, we’ve got a nice small kit with those and other helpful stuff). Then you disconnect the original battery, usually with a single cable wiggled out of a socket. Insert the new battery, connect it, and re-attach the panel. Calibrate the battery, and you’re ready to start using it like a truly portable device once more!

Battery replacement in a PC laptop

So if you’ve been thinking that your laptop used to last so much longer, see if we have a battery for it and consider whether it deserves a nice upgrade instead of a long wake. You can search by model or part number, or search for your device and look for our batteries in the list of parts.

Have you ever rescued a PC laptop with a new battery? Helped someone avoid spending hundreds of dollars they absolutely did not need to spend? Tell us about it! We’re looking to share stories of PC laptop battery rescue. Tag us in your story @ifixit  on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. And spread the word about perfectly good things lasting longer.