iPad 5th-Gen & 6th-Gen Teardown Wallpapers

iPad 5th-Gen & 6th-Gen Teardown Wallpapers

The iPad Pro may very well be Apple’s best tablet, but the older 5th- and 6th-gen iPads are mighty capable devices too. If you’re still rocking one, why not enjoy these teardown wallpapers to show off what’s inside?

Both the 5th-gen and the 6th-gen iPads scored a measly 2-out-of-10 on our repairability scale, thanks to a ton of adhesive sealing the batteries and displays to the bodies of the devices. Screen and battery replacements are a challenge, to say the least.

If you’d rather avoid a literal sticky situation, you can display our teardown wallpapers on your home screen to show off the internals. Just open up this page on your iPad, tap on a wallpaper to view it at full resolution, and then save the image to your photos. You can set it as your wallpaper by selecting “Wallpapers” in the Settings app—“Choose a New Wallpaper” lists your recent photos, including downloads. Both “Still” and “Perspective” modes work, but we like “Still” a little bit more.

iPad 5th-Gen Internal Wallpaper:

iPad 5 internal wallpaper

iPad 6th-Gen Internal Wallpaper:

iPad 6 internal wallpaper

iPad 5th-Gen X-Ray Wallpaper:

A big thanks to Creative Electron for providing X-ray shots!

iPad 5 X-ray wallpaper

iPad 5th-Gen X-Ray Wallpaper:

iPad 6 X-ray wallpaper

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