Right to Repair

HP’s YouTube Channel Is the Stuff of Repair Dreams

Too many manufacturers want to lock you out of your own devices so you can’t repair them. Others just never give self-repair a thought. But HP is taking the path less traveled, posting hundreds of step-by-step repair videos to their YouTube channel.

HP showcases instructions for repairing all kinds of devices, including the EliteBook G6 and the x360 830 series—both of which we’ve discussed recently and found to be incredibly repairable. Their videos cover replacing desktop CPUs, hard drives, graphics cards, and even entire motherboards. HP has been doing this somewhat quietly for a few weeks, and we didn’t even notice until it was pointed out by our friends at Lifehacker.

We’ve always praised HP products for their outstanding repairability, and the company’s YouTube channel just adds more flames to the fixer campfire, keeping our Right to Repair hands nice and warm. It’s really rare to see this, and these videos are likely easier to find than PDF repair manuals deep inside a support website—not to mention easier to follow. Hopefully HP’s open repair support will pressure other consumer electronics manufacturers to step up their game.

Alas, most of the videos on HP’s YouTube channel are extremely short and only go over the basics of the repair. So if you need to replace the keyboard on your EliteBook 840 G5, for instance, it might be best to follow our step-by-step guide. HP’s videos are a great starting point, however, and they give you a brief overview of what you can expect when opening up your computer.