14 of Your Favorite Ways to Use a Spudger

For its minimalistic pencil shape, the spudger is an incredibly useful multitool. We’ve already explored its potato-related etymology and its sculpting and sewing craft properties, but all this thinking about creative uses for spudgers got us wondering how you like to use a spudger.

Turns out, there are a lot of repair (and non-repair!) uses for your favorite multitool. Here are some of your choice spudging applications.

1. The spudger is an eating utensil

2. You can clean your teeth with it

3. I mean… those edges are pretty sharp

4. The spudger is great for separating delicate parts

5. It’s a DIY Apple Black Stick ?

6. The spudger is a stress reliever

7. It’s a friend

8. It doesn’t melt! (Our standard, glass-filled Spudger, that is)

9. You can use it as a budget makeup scraper (hi, Kelsea!)

10. It’s also great for removing leftover ink from a printer

11. You can use it to clean out your ears

12. And shank White Walkers

13. The spudger is what it is

14. And lastly, you’d be surprised how often we get this one.

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