X-Ray Vision: Now On Your iPhone 4S!

You’ve always wanted x-ray vision. So you downloaded our fancy wallpaper to see inside your iPad. You did the same thing for your iPhone 4, your iPhone 3GS, and your 27″ and 21.5″ iMacs. You even bought a transparent rear iPhone 4S panel.

But what now? What if simply seeing the components isn’t enough for you? What if you want to go deeper?

iPhone 4S x-ray wallpaper

Well, now you can (and for free!). We x-rayed an iPhone 4S—and you can download the resulting image as an iPhone 4/4S wallpaper. If you pair it with a transparent rear panel, you’ll be able see through your phone on both sides. That’s about as good as it gets without a pair of honest-to-goodness x-ray specs or a trip to your local airport.

How to load this wallpaper on your iPhone:

  • Visit this page on your iPhone.
  • Hold your finger for three seconds on the image above. (Here’s a direct link to the image, just in case).
  • Select “Save Image” on the menu that appears.
  • Go to your Camera Roll photo album.
  • Choose the image and set it as your wallpaper.

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