The Carbon Fiber Spudger Is the Newest Member of Our Spudger Lineup

seven black spudgers arranged in an arc on a grey background.

When you’re working with delicate ribbon cables or fragile clips inside a tightly packed device, the tiniest little action counts for a lot. That’s why we made our new Carbon Fiber Spudger from Fixite, a custom blend of carbon fiber and glass. It gives you more control while you’re poking and prodding and maintains its edges longer, while still being safe for use on delicate parts.

Carbon fiber is a fascinating material, one that can be as strong as steel at a fraction of the weight. It’s revolutionized cycling and race cars, and could lead the way to drastically better energy efficiency in wind turbines and car parts. In our new spudger, carbon fiber means your tip or chisel won’t jump or bend as much as our standard Spudger. You can effect greater force on components with less effort—more leverage and better precision, in other words. In our own testing, it required twice as much force to bend a Carbon Fiber Spudger 2 cm than a Glass Fiber model.

Our newest spudger is also more durable over time, resisting nicks and holding a safely sharp edge against regular scraping and poking. And Fixite lends the Carbon Fiber Spudger improved electrostatic discharge properties—it’s less affected by humidity, so its ESD properties are more stable across environments. All this for just $1 USD more than our standard Glass Fiber Spudger.

New carbon fiber spudger

Does that mean the more than 2 million standard spudgers we’ve sold and included in our toolkits can’t do the job? Certainly not. We think you’re pretty talented with your hands, and our regular spudgers have one key advantage over our Carbon Fiber model: higher temperature resistance. If you’re going to be using a spudger for manipulating molten solder, stick with our standard Glass Fiber Spudger.

If you’re a fan of fixing things, and a person who appreciates the little ways that science and technology can make the small parts of everyday jobs better, we think you’ll like the way our Carbon Fiber Spudger feels in your hand, and lets you do intricate work with more confidence. We’re proud to add it to our spudger lineup.