Wanted: Motorola Droid Internals

We love making teardowns, but we’re preoccupied at the moment with trying to change the world and just don’t have any spare time!  We’re turning our preoccupation to your benefit: we want the public’s help in acquiring a teardown for the Motorola Droid.  We’re giving cold, hard cash to the first person who posts a teardown of the Motorola Droid onto our website. That speedy contestant will get $300!

Motorola Droid teardown

Contest Rules:

  • Purchase your very own Motorola Droid by any means necessary. We suggest lining up in front of Verizon’s store on the East coast, as they have a three hour advantage over us Western folk (but it was a pleasant 80 degrees today, so take that East!).
  • Create a Droid teardown on our site by snapping excellent photos and writing witty text.
  • Be the first user to post the Droid’s internals. The person with the first “layout” shot wins $300 USD. Example layout shots: iMac 27″, PSP Go, Nikon S1000pj.
  • The contest ends on November 13th at 11:59 PST, a week after Droid’s release.

We’ll update this post to announce the winner once the contest is over. Anybody is welcome to participate, but only one person will win!

Congrats to Dr. Wreck, the first user to post a Droid teardown for our contest! Read the full scoop on Dr. Wreck’s teardown here.