Magic Mouse Teardown

We took apart the new Magic Mouse. We didn’t find any fairy dust inside, just a lot of capacitive sensors.

Apple Magic Mouse teardown
The final layout

We took the opportunity to try a new technique with our photos. Make sure you click the ‘view as slideshow’ link on the teardown, or install CoolIris. (All of our guides are CoolIris enabled so you can see them full-screen.


  • From the Apple logo up, the entire surface of the mouse is covered with capitative touch sensors.
  • The mouse uses a Broadcom BCM2042 Advanced Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Bluetooth Chip.
  • There’s not much Aluminum in the mouse; we weighed just 10 grams. That’s compared to 37 grams of plastic and 47 grams of batteries. Nearly half the mouse’s weight comes from the two AA batteries.
  • We were really expecting it to pop open when we said ‘Open Saskatchewan!’ Alas, the mouse’s magic was too arcane for our humble wizards.