The Geniuses Teaching Tech YouTube to Fix Their Stuff

We may be the world’s largest online repair community, but we’re not the only one. There are a number of famous fixers across the interwebs who are not only passionate about how tech works, but dedicated to teaching people how to fix the tech they own.

I'm a genius phone self-repairZacksJerryRig reviews the latest devices with a focus on how durable and repairable they are. Linus Tech Tips is well-known for dropping everything, so naturally, he’s an expert at fixing everything when it breaks. UFD Tech shares his takes on the latest modding and building trends, and Strange Parts reports on them from on the ground in Shenzhen.

But it’s not everyday that they all come together to share why they love fixing and taking stuff apart. Over the past couple of weeks, they’ve shared the stories behind their repair expertise with #ImAGenius—because even the best repair techs started from square one. From the gamers to the earth-savers, here’s what tech YouTube’s professional fixers had to say about starting self-repair.

To our fixer friends, thank you for helping us unlock the genius inside each of us. Together, you help make this crazy mission of teaching everyone how to fix every thing a reality.